California Visions


Below are several recommended improvements for California's Highways


Here is a list of projects that should be considered for the future trasprotation needs of California. This list mostly focuses on the Sacramento and Valley regions. Since these areas are continuing to see explosive growth and a dificiency of good travel routes to help commuters get where they need to go, a more aggressive approach to urban planning is needed.

Visions that need priority attention are:

  • Light Rail Access to Roseville and the Sacramento International Airport

  • Capacity improvements to Sunrise Boulevard including an expressway upgrade with limited at-grade access

  • Upgrading State Route 99 in south Sacramento to Interstate status and creating a carpool flyover system similar to those found in greater Los Angeles

  • Upgrading the State Route 99 and State Route 70 Corridors north of Sacramento to Yuba and Sutter counties to full freeway.

  • The construction of a partial or full circumferential freeway system using Highways 113 and the planned Placer Parkway as elements

  • Upgrading Sierra College Blvd/Hazel Ave Corridor to Limited Access At Grade Expressway with a California Highway Designation (SR 965)

  • Converting SR-99 to an interstate (either 7 or 9) for its entire length south of sacramento.

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