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Washington, D C State shields are very simple design similar to many states bearing the state shape. The new concept marker borrows the flag as the main feature of the sign and then uses a marker shield that has a three point feature to coincide with the three stars of the DC flag and the three branches of government. DC currently only has one official route, that is DC route 295, which is unsigned and is simply known as the anacostia freeway. DC route markers would become completely obsolete should Interstate 295 be extended northward through the district and back into maryland (replacing SR-295 in maryland. However the district marker could be used to mark some other routes such as DC routes 4 and 5, which were marked at one time. Other DC routes could be made as well that connect to highways in Virginia and Maryland that lead into the district. Aside from this, the purpose and need for a route marker and highways in the district however, is practically non-existent, Especially if I-295 is extended northward.