Indiana has several projects on the drawing board to help meet transportation needs for the next 25 years. Many of the projects have been started already, and Indiana's aggressive aproach to building roads put through a series of major projects to make key improvements to Indiana's road network. This


Indiana's legislators and Governor Mitch Daniels have recently passed a program called Major Moves. Major Moves is a list of projects that included making major improvements to the highway system, by building new interstates, such as the new I-69 Extension, new toll roads, like the Illiana Toll road, and making by upgrades in the major metro areas such as: Indy, Norhtwest Indiana, Fort Wayne, etc. It also includes building new freeways like the US 31. and widening of several highways such as: I-65, I-94 and I-69. It also included major improvements to highways all over the state. Indiana is using the Lease of it's Toll Road to a private consortium to fund these needed improvements. and Eventually the construction of new toll roads will also be privatized as well to help raise the capital needed to fund the construction projects.


Here is a list of some of the key state projects

Indiana Projects
Corridor Region Key Projects
US Highway 24 Fort Wayne US 24 Fort to Port limited access expressway and freeway Upgrade
State Road 25
Hoosier Heartland Corridor
Lafayette to Peru Construction of a new limited access expressway from Lafayette to Peru as part of the Hoosier Heartland Corridor
US Highway 31 South Bend to Indianapolis Upgrade US 31 to full interstate freeway standards and construct bypasses around major cities (i.e. Kokomo). Construction to be completed in stages.
Interstate 65 Louisville -
Ohio River Bridges
Construct new river crossing east of Kennedy Bridge near downtown Louisville
Lebanon to Whitestown Widen Freeway from I-865 merge to US 52 from 4 to 6 lanes
Lafayette Widen Freeway from SR 38 to SR 43 from 4 to 6 lanes
Northwest Indiana Widen Freeway from US 30 to US 231 from 4 to 6 lanes
Interstate 69 Indianapolis to Bloomington Construct new 4 lane freeway/expressway along current State Road 37 alignment
Bloomington Complete Construction of new 4 lane freeway/expressway from Crane to Bloomington
Evansville Construct new 4 lane bridge across the Ohio river to Henderson KY - Possible KTC project.
Indianapolis Metro Widen freeway/expressway from 75th St/I 465 (NE) to SR-37, from 6 to 8,10 and 12 lanes wide
Interstate 70 Indianapolis Widen Freeway from Post road east to SR-9 Greenfield
Central Indiana -
Corridor of the Future
Construct Toll Truck Only Lanes from state line to state line on I-70
Interstate 80/94 Northwest Indiana Borman Expressway Reconstruction
Interstate 265 Louisville -
Ohio River Bridges
Construct new river crossing 8 miles east downtown Louisville and complete east side of I-265 Loop
Interstate 465 Indianapolis Metro Additional lanes and upgrades of I-465 at the northeast I-465 and I-69 interchange.
Construct new interchange near Harding St for new I-69 freeway.
Reconstruct interchange at I-65 and I465 on the south side.
widen and Improve Northwest I 465 from I-865 interchange to Meridian Street (US-31) interchange.
Illiana Expressway Northwest Indiana Construct Toll Road from I-65 to I-57 south of the Chicago Metro Area


These projects are vital to the transportation infrastructure in the Hoosier state. Indiana is still seeing many areas of expanding growth throughout the state, and these projects are needed to ensure that Indiana does not experience gridlock.

Other projects that need priority attention are:

There are other projects that can also be considered to help Indiana's transportation needs long term. Such as an interstate upgrade of US-31 North of Indy to provide another interstate highway connectino northern Indiana (possible future Interstate 67). See more information about the Vision for Indiana on the Visions page