Indiana State Road Markers
Current marker Conceptual Squared Pentagon marker
preferred design
Conceptual Square marker (new)
Other Conceptual Road Markers
Trilobe marker Hexagon marker Square marker (original)

Indiana's state road markers are printed with black letters and border on white shield and feature the state name. The two-digit marker is square and measures 24" X 24". The three-digit shield is rectangular and measures and 30" X 24". These signs have been in use since the late 1940's. What if Indiana's markers were redesigned? See above for several redesigned Hoosier state highway markers. These original square concept shield was created in 2008, and the Trilobe design was created in 2011 and both incorporate the seal from the state flag. The New pentagon, square and hexagon markers were created in 2014 and are some of the best designs yet. Could we see the new squared pentagon shield gracing our highways soon? Let's hope so.


Current US Highway Markers
Used on guide signs (BGS)* Trailblazer Cutout version

Indiana uses the standard square US shield as used in most other states. on highway guide signs (BGS) a cut-out version of the shield is used. In some areas a plain borderless cut out shield is used (shown above).


Current Interstate Highway Markers
Two Digit Interstates Three Digit Interstates Downtown Indianapolis Business Loops

Indiana's Interstate markers conform to those used in the rest of the United States. As in other states, the state name has been phased out of use on the shield, but there are still places where these older signs are still in service. In Downtown Indianapolis split route signs like the one shown above are used to help guide drivers to the freeways. Also Indiana currently does not have any interstate business routes at this time.


Historical Highway Markers
State road Marker
used prior to 1948
Embossed US shield
in early 1930's
Flat US shield
used in the 1940's
Flat US shield
used in mid 1950's
Historical Interstate Marker sheild
w/ state name

These are shield's used on Indiana's highways in the past. the exact dates that highway markers changed to the newer versions is not certain. The old Indiana state road marker was an embossed marker. (The border, state outline and numbers on the marker were all raised.) The numbers were printed with a narrower squared font to fit inside the outline. The earlier US shields were also embossed (see above picture) and earlier shields used a squared font. The lettering on the later signs was changed to the modern rounded highway font and flat non-embossed signs. More information about US signs used and their history is avaliable at US-HIGHWAYS.COM The earlier version of the Interstate sheld featured the state name on the shield.