The Central New Mexico region would see a number of interstate improvements. The map below shows these various improvements. Solid Blue Lines indicate primary options for ultimate interstate corridors. Dotted blue lines indicate optional alignments and corridors. Thick red lined indicate existing interstate routes. thin red lines are existing freeways and loops. dotted red lines are potential and planned metro freeways.

Ultimate Interstate 225 - Denver and Santa Fe bypass
Description Ultimate interstate 225 would replace US-84 from I-25 to I-40 by upgrading the corridor to a freeway. This provides a link to I-25 from I-40. This routing favors traffic routing from I-40 from the east to points north along I-25 while still providing much better access to Santa Fe.
Purpose and Need Provides a freeway link to north I-25 and Santa Fe bypassing Albuquerque.
Ultimate Interstate 425 - Santa Fe connector
Description Ultimate interstate 425 is an alternate route that could be built instead of or in addition to I-225 which is located further to the east. The corridor would replace US-285 from I-25 to I-40 by upgrading the corridor to a freeway.
Purpose and Need Provides an alternative or additional freeway link besides the planned ultimate interstate 225 to north I-25 and a more direct routing to Santa Fe than provided with I-225.