This map depicts sevaral options for the extension of I-70 westward and a potential I-270 bypass in Central Utah. The map below shows these various improvements. Solid Blue Lines indicate new free and purple indicates toll interstate routes. Dotted lines show additional Proposed routes or alternative routes. Red and Green (toll) lines show existing Interstate highways.

Interstate 70 Extension - Utah
Description From its existing terminus in Utah, this interstate would generally follow one of three probable routes from Salina to the Nevada State Line. The most direct central and southern routes both begin at the current terminus at Cove Fort. The northern routing begins at Salina. The central or most direct routingisthe preferred routing.
Northern Routing
This routing generally follows the US-50 routing the entire way. Beginning at Salina following US-50 northward to I-15 then it turns southwestward followign I-15/US-50 over the mountains to the US-50 turnoff near Holden. From there it continues generally following US-50 into Nevada. See map RTE A for more detail. Since this would reroute the southern section of I-70 that goes through Richfield to Cove Fort, that section would become I-270. See map "I-270 RTE C" for more detail.
Central Routing
This routing mostly follows US-50 to the west but west of Sevier Lake it turns southeast and travels over a new terrain route and connects to the current terminus of I-70 in Cove Fort. See map RTE B for more detail.
Southern Routing
This routing would generally run near UT-21 and NV-487 and would turn northeast near Milford connecting with I-70 in Cove Fort. See map RTE C for more detail.
Purpose and Need To promote interstate continuity and provide a link to the current west end of I-70 for several major cities such as Reno, Sacramento and the Bay Area.
Auxiliary Routes I-270 spur (RTE A, B or C) depending on routing click on 270 above for more info.
Interstate 270 Spur - Utah
Northern Segment
This routing generally follows US-89 north to Gunnison and then UT-28 north to I-15 near Nephi This could be constructed in conjunction with "I-70 RTE A" and "I-270 RTE C" creating a complete loop bypass but in this case would be more appropriately signed as I-415. Otherwise this route could be constructed no matter which I-70 route extension was chosen or if I-70 were not to be extended westward.
Northwest Segment
This routing mostly follows US-50 from Salina to I-15 near Scipio and would serve as a bypass for traffic heading to Salt Lake City and Provo. See map "I-270 RTE B" for more detail. This could be constructed if I-70 routes B and C are chosen or if I-70 is not extended westward.
Southern Segment
This would renumber the section of I-70 from Salina to Cove Fort as I-270 in the event that the northern route "I-70 RTE A" is chosen as the preferred extension for I-70.