Cheyenne would see a number of interstate improvements. The map below shows these various improvements. The Dotted lines show additional Proposed routes or alternative routes. The shaded areas show areas for potential corridor preservation. Red lines show existing Interstate highways.

Interstate 180 - Recommended for Deletion
Description Deletes Interstate 180 in Cheyenne Wyoming. This routing is not up to freeway standards and is a surface boulevard with signalized intersections. The route is also currently signed as US-85 and Interstate Business Loop 25. The I-180 designation is unnecessary.
Purpose and Need Lack of Right of way prevents the construction of the ramps and additional space needed for interstate standards, especially on the UP overpasses.
Ultimate Interstate 225 - Capital Loop
Description Ultimate interstate 225 would construct a new interstate loop to the east of I-25 encircling the east side of Cheyenne.
Purpose and Need Potential future growthalong the corridor. Corridor preservation depending on growth in the metro area.