The Great Lakes and Ohio Valley region comprises the states surrounding the central Great Lakes and the Ohio River Valley this area includes Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky. This region would see a number of interstate improvements. The map below shows these various improvements. Solid blue Lines indicate new free interstates; Purple lines indicate potential toll routes. Dotted lines show additional Proposed routes or alternative routes. Red and Green lines show existing free and tolled Interstate highways. Click on a shaded region below to view more detailed information about interstate ideas for that area

Interstate 294 - Renumbering as I-94
Description This roadway will be renumbered as I-94 along its entire route. Instead of I-94 going into downtown Chicago the route will instead follow the Tri-State Tollway. See Midwest Interstate Renumbering for a map of all the planned route renumberings and more information.
Purpose and Need Promotes continuity of I-94 by allowing it to remain on the Tri-State tollway. Also promotes continuity within the greater interstate highway system.
The Illiana Toll Road - Ultimate Interstate 480
Description The Illiana Toll Road is a new toll corridor planned to connect I-65 to I-57 and I-55 south of the greater Chicagoland metro area. Initially this route was to continue east of I-65 and hook around to the north connecting to I-80/90 and I-94 near Michigan City. The highway was also at one time planned to connect to the southern end of I-355 at one point. However this route would be better served to connect to I-80 to the west instead. If the complete highway was built, including both the eastern and western extensions it would provide an excellent bypass for I-80 and as such should be numbered as I-480 but could also be numbered as either I-665, I-257 or I-455 instead.
Purpose and Need Promotes continuity of the interstate highway system and provides an additional bypass for truck traffic around Chicagoland.