Corridor 27 Extension

Ultimate Interstate Corridor 27 - The Ports to Plains Corridor
Description Ultimate interstate 27 extension has 2 proposed extensions,a North extension and a southern extension. The northern extension extends I-27 from Amarillo to Limon Colorado. The Southern Extension extends southward from Lubbock to either the Gulf Coast or the Rio Grande Valley and Laredo depending upon routing.
North Extension Routing The north extension travels along US-287 north from Amarillo into Oklahoma passing through Boise City, OK then continuing north generally along US-287 where it crosses into Colorado. Once in Colorado it will travel generally following the route of US-287 passinig near Lamar, Colorado and ending at a planned northern terminus at Limon, Colorado. The planned Ports to to plains corridor would continue north from there so the interstate could potentially be extended northward as far as Canada eventually (this is represented by the gray dotted line that extends north of Limon.)
South Extension Routing The Southern Extension extends southward from Lubbock along the US-87 corridor passing near Lamesa, TX and then continues TX route 349 until it reaches I-20 at Midland TX. Thisa would serve as the southern endof I-27 if it is not planned to continue southward to the ports. otherwise the routing would follow the alternate proposed routing below an the TX-349 segment would become an auxiliary route (I-227 See below).
Alternate Southern Routing The alternate southern extension extends southward from Lubbock along the US-87 corridor passing near Lamesa, TX and then passing near Big Spring on its way south to San Angelo. From there Ultimate Interstate 27 would continue south generally following US-277 connecting to I-10 at Sonora, TX and then continuing south to Del Rio, TX. and Eagle Pass, TX where it rurns more eastward until it reaches US-83. from there it continues down US-83 and eventually meets its southern terminus at I-35 north of Laredo, TX.
Auxiliary Routes I-227 follows TX route 349 from Lamesa TX to I-20 in Midland TX (Midland/Odessa Spur) If I-27 takes the more eastern routing through Big Spring and San Marcos. I-327 Sweetwater TX spur follows US-84 Southwest from Lubbock and ends at I-20 west of Sweetwater, TX. I-427 loop around Lubbock, TX would replace the TX-loop 289.
Purpose and Need This corridor provides needed transportation links for freight and completes several missing links in the interstate system. First it provides a connection from Denver to the mexican border and ports along the gulf shores in Texas via the planned southern extension of I-27 and ultimate interstate 32, as well as the proposed ultimate interstate 33 if built.