Corridor 51

Ultimate Interstate Corridor 51 - Avenue of the Saints
Description Ultimate interstate 51 would travel from the I-70/I-64/US-40 interchange near Wentzville Missouri to St Paul Minnesota. This route traverses through Hannibal MO, Iowa City IA, Cedar Rapids IA, Waterloo IA, Rochester MN and ends in St Paul. Effectively connecting both "saints" St Louis and St Paul. This route replaces I-380 in Iowa
Rochester Routing The Preferred recommended route travels along US 63 and US 52 north of Waterloo passing through Rochester MN.
Routing via Mason City The current Avenue of hte saints has been given the Iowa state route 27 designation and north of waterloo follows US218 and then US18 north and west to Mason City and ends at I-35. This is likely the route to be used but the more eastern direct route to St. Paul would serve more areas along the was and provide a more direct connection to the Twin Cities.
Auxiliary Routes I-251 in Waterloo IA (Downtown Connector), I-451 in Rochester MN which connects to I-90 southwest of Rochester.
Purpose and Need This corridor provides needed transportation links for freight and completes several missing links in the interstate system. First it provides a connection from St Louis, Memphis, and the gulf coast (via I-55) to Various cities to the north and ultimately the Twin Cities and ports in Duluth MN as well as several other towns in the upper Midwest.