Corridor 67

Ultimate Interstate Corridor 67
Description Ultimate interstate 67 would exist in two or potentially 3 sections. Section 1 North of Carmel IN to Grayling MI, Section 2 From Bowling Green KY to near Odon IN, and section 3 located in Alabama From Birmingham AL to Panama City FL connecting Dothan AL to the interstate system. Of the 3 segments, segments 1 and 3 have the greatest chance of being constructed.
Segment 1 - Carmel to Grayling US 31 and US 131 in Indiana and Michigan are both improved corridors. both contain 4 lane expressway and freeway sections so it seems logical that they would eventually become part of the interstate system as I-67 (and I-267). Ultimate interstate 67 which would travel from I-465 at Carmel IN to South Bend. From there the route would head east along US-20 east of Mishawaka before turning north and meeting the Indiana Toll Road just east of Bristol IN. The route would then head north along US-131 passing through Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids and Cadillac before turning east generally following M-72 to its terminus at I-75 near Grayling MI. One alternative could also include the route continuing north to Petoskey MI and Mackinac City instead of heading east, however that section is not improved and would require more capital to upgrade.
Ultimate Interstate 267

I-267 begins in South Bend heading north along US-31 to near Benton Harbor MI where it then continues north replacing I-196 passing near Holland MI and continuing northeastward to Grand Rapids where it will reconnect with I-67 and ending at I-96 just east of the city.
East-West Alternatives Segment 1 could be split to I-67W and I-67E between South Bend and Grand Rapids since there is a natural split between these routes. This split could also be further extended north based on alternate routings that would cake I-67W further north along the Lake Michigan shores merging with I-67E in Petoskey MI instead. However this is unlikely to be needed.
Segment 2 - Bowling Green to Odon A push to add Owensboro KY to the interstate system has created the desire for this corridor, however due to feasibility and close proximity of other interstate routes it is the least likely to be built. The section from Bowling Green to Owensboro makes the most sense, but northward there isn't much need. The only advantage would be to link segment 1 of I-67 to segment 2 by cosigning it with I-69 to Indy. Additionally a planned interstate spur from I-69 (future I-369) will connect Owensboro to the interstate system. city leaders, however, want a through route, but not every city can have an interstate route and Owensboro is not a major metropolitan area, just a smaller city. If city leaders insist a through 3 digit interstate route would suffice, such as extending planned I-369 to Bowling Green. If I-67 were built there is no doubt that it would be used as an alternate route for traffic heading to Indianapolis and Chicago. This could lead to other possible routings to connect the I-67 segments around Indy maybe even utilizing part of the potential outer beltway (I-269) or I-865.
Segment 3 - Birmingham to Panama City This route would generally follow US-231 from Birmingham AL to Panama City where it would end at the northern city limits of Panama City.
Auxiliary Routes I-167 - Northern Kalamazoo Connector; I-267 - details above
Purpose and Need This corridor provides needed transportation links for freight and completes several missing links in the interstate system. First it provides better route continuity for cities in northern Indiana and western Michigan as well. Secondly it provides better route continuity on both the east and west 67/267 corridors.