Corridor 88

Ultimate Interstate Corridor 88
Description Ultimate interstate 88 would travel from Sioux City Iowa to Rockford Illinois generally following US-20 for its entire length. much of the US-20 corridor is already freeway or is planned to be upgraded to freeway. Near Dubuque Iowa and Galena Illinois bypasses would be built to bypass built up areas. This route would require the renumbering of existing I-88 to the south as I-880. Ultimate interstate 88 could also be numbered as I-82 if needed.
Possible extention This route could be extended further eastward replacing the southern portion of I-43 should the Midwest Interstate Renumbering Plan be utilized.
Auxiliary Routes I-588 Dubuque IA, West Dubuque spur.
Purpose and Need This corridor provides needed transportation links for freight and completes a missing link in the interstate system.