The Denver Metro region would see a number of interstate improvements. The map below shows these various improvements. Solid Blue Lines indicate primary options for ultimate interstate corridors. Dotted blue lines indicate optional alignments and corridors. Thick red lined indicate existing interstate routes. thin red lines are existing freeways and loops. dotted red lines are potential and planned metro freeways.

Ultimate Interstate 276 - Ft Morgan/Loveland Connector
Description Ultimate interstate 276 would reun along US-34 from I-25 to I-76 by upgrading the corridor to a freeway. This provides a northern bypass link for traffic wanting to avoid the greater Denver metro area. and would also provide a link to north I-25 from the planned ports to plains corridor allowing traffic to bypass north of Denver virtually congestion free.
Purpose and Need Provides a freeway link to north I-25 and Cheyenne, WY bypassing Denver. Continuity of the interstate system for the planned ports to plains corridor (I-27).
Ultimate Interstate 325 - Boulder Spur
Description Ultimate interstate 325 would run cosigned with US-36 from I-25 west to the freeways terminus at Boulder. This route is already up to interstate standards. This could also renumber the existing section of I-270 as well to provide more continuity with this route.
Purpose and Need Upgrades a key highway connecting Boulder to the interstate system and providing an additional interstate link for a potential completion of the 470 beltway.
Ultimate Interstate 425 - Powers Boulevard Freeway
Description Ultimate interstate 425 would upgrade existing hwy 21, Powers Blvd by upgrading it to a freeway corridor with frontage roads along parts of its alignment similar to freeway configurations used in Texas. Indyroads recommends using the frontage roads as well as U-turns in order to efficiently move traffic and avoid backups along the route. The route would also be extended at either end to reach I-25 both to the north and south.
Purpose and Need congestion releif and to provide a connection for the planned ultimate interstate 670 corridor.
Ultimate Interstate 470 - Denver Beltway and Tollway
Description Ultimate interstate 470 would renumber existing C-470 and E-470 as well as the Northwest Parkway as I-470. In addition it would also recommend completion of the beltway in Jefferson county to interstate standards in a reduced footprint design to reduce the roads impact upon the surrounding community or environment. Tolled sections of the interstate loop should be decommissioned and relinquished to the state once bonds have been repaid. The state would assume control and the route should become eligible for federal assistance.
Purpose and Need provide continuity with the interstate system and connect communities to the interstate system. This routing does not serve as a bypass, but more as a circulation system for regional traffic, although it does perform some bypass functions.
Ultimate Interstate 670 - Colorado Springs Connector
Description Ultimate interstate 670 would upgrade existing US-24, widening and upgrading to interstate standards connecting I-70 Limon to I-25 at Colorado Springs. A portion of the Fountain Blvd alignment would be difficult to construct due to limited space within the corridor, so a cut and cover tunnel may be needed in this section to connect to the existing US-24 freeway spur. If that is not feasable the I-670 spur could be rerouted to a more logical corridor.
Purpose and Need Promote continuity with the interstate system and to provide a connection from I-70 to I-25 south.