The Great Lakes and Ohio Valley region comprises the states surrounding the central Great Lakes and the Ohio River Valley this area includes Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky. This region would see a number of interstate improvements. The map below shows these various improvements. Solid blue Lines indicate new free interstates; Purple lines indicate potential toll routes. Dotted lines show additional Proposed routes or alternative routes. Red and Green lines show existing free and tolled Interstate highways. Click on a shaded region below to view more detailed information about interstate ideas for that area

Ultimate Interstate 43 - Extension
Description North of Green Bay there is a potential to extend I-43 along US-41 and M-35 to US-2 terminating in Escanaba or Gladstone MI.
Ultimate Interstate 57 Extension
Description This proposal extends interstate 57 by renumbering the portion of I-94 along the Dan Ryan Expressway Kennedy and Edens Expressway as I-57 instead. As part of the Midwest Interstate Renumbering project it allows I-94 to be instead routed along the Tri-State Tollway replacing the I-294 designation.
Purpose and Need Allows I-94 to be rerouted along the Tri-State Tollway and promotes route continuity. Promotes route continuity for I-57, I-94, and I-61 (or I-394 if 61 is not built).
Ultimate Interstate 58 - Western Kentucky and Bluegrass Parkways
Description Ultimate interstate 58 is a proposed interstate route designation that would travel along the eastern portion of the Western Kentucky Parkway and the entire length of the Martha Layne Collins Bluegrass Parkway in central Kentucky. From there a new route would be constructed to connect I-58 to Interstates 64/75 in Lexington KY. A new 2 digit interstate route number is proposed because the route will connect 5 major interstate highways (24/64/65/69/75).
Purpose and Need Promotes continuity of the interstate highway system and the freeway system in Kentucky and possible future interstate corridor.
Ultimate Interstate 61
Description Ultimate interstate 61 is a proposed interstate route designation that would travel along portions of US-41 and IN-63, Ill-394, I-43, and I-94 in Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin. The route begins at I-64 and continues north along US-41 through Vincennes and Terre Haute. From there it continues along Indiana State Road 67 rejoining US-41 just northwest of Attica. From there it continues north and eventually curves to the west crossing into Illinois connecting to Ill-394 where it continues north replacing existing I-94 and terminates at the junction with I-57.
Purpose and Need Provides an additional north south route in Indiana and possible future interstate corridor. Allows I-94 to be rerouted along the Tri-State Tollway and promotes route continuity. Provides an additional corridor into and out of Chicago to help ease traffic congestion.
Interstate 76 - Extension
Description This would extend Interstate 76 westward to central Illinois. From I-71 the route would follow US30 westward thru Upper Sandusky, OH. It then crosses I-75 and continues west to I-469 near south Fort Wayne. From there it continues westward generally following US-24 westward through Peru IN crossing I-65 near Remington IN and heading into Illinois. Finally Interstate 76 would cross I-57 and I-55 before reaching its end at I-39 near El Paso, IL
Purpose and Need Provides an additional east west corridor for relief along the Ohio and Indiana east west toll roads. It also creates another bypass route for the Chicago megapolitan area.
Alternatives From Peru, IN, I-76 could travel along Indiana 25 to Lafayette before heading west toward the Bloomington/Normal, IL region. Another option is to terminate the planned route at I-55 instead of continuing west to I-39.
Ultimate Interstate 165 - Louie B Nunn Cumberland Parkway
Description Ultimate interstate 165 is a proposed interstate route designation for the Louie B. Nunn Cumberland Parkway and its planned extension eastward from Somerset KY to London KY. This route was formerly planned to be part of the I-66 corridor before that corridor went defunct and was removed from planning. Since this is a relatively short corridor it is deemed that a 3-digit interstate number be assigned and that it be an odd number because it spurs off of Interstate 65.
Purpose and Need Route continuity and possible future interstate corridor.