Oregon and Washington would see a number of interstate improvements. The map below shows these various improvements. Solid Blue Lines indicate new free and purple indicates toll interstate routes. Dotted lines show additional Proposed routes or alternative routes. Red lines show existing Interstate highways. Click on a shaded region below to view more detailed information about interstate ideas for that area

Interstate 9 Renumbering - Washington/Oregon
Description This interstate would renumber I-82 as I-9.
Purpose and Need to allow continuity with the current numbering schema for the interstate system and provide continuity in numbering for a potential gap closure (not shown) of the proposed south ultimate interstate 9 (in Nevada and California). Additionally this releases the I-82 designation for a possible southern Oregon ultimate interstate corridor connecting Klamath Falls, . Medford, and Grants Pass to Boise and I-84.
Potential Spur Via US-97 south from Klamath Falls into California and terminating at I-5 (not show on maps).
Notes Click the shaded areas on the map below for more close-up details on this route.
Interstate 84 Extension - Oregon
Description Extend I-84 west from its existing terminus at I-5 to Seaside following the US-26 Sunset Highway route.
Purpose and Need To promote interstate continuity and provide a link to the oregon coast cities of Seaside and Astoria. It would also connect future ultimate interstate 1 if built.
Interstate 290 - Washington
Description Upgrade US-395 from I-182 (future ultimate interstate 209) in Pasco to I-90 near Ritzville to interstate standards and sign as ultimate interstate 290.
Purpose and Need To promote interstate continuity and provide a link from Portland and the Tri-Cities to Spokane.
Interstate (82) - Southern Oregon Corridor
Description Construct a new interstate corridor in southern Oregon to link the cities of Medford, Klamath Falls and Boise Idaho. this route would generally travel near OR 140 from Medford to near Lakeview, likely on a new alignment. From there the interstate route would over new terrain generally heading east-north-east to I-11 Near Burns Junction. The highway could be terminated here or continue west connecting to I-84 south of Boise.
Purpose and Need To promote interstate continuity and provide a link to Boise and Salt Lake to Northern California and Southern Oregon cities. and the Tri-Cities to Spokane.
Alternate Routing From Lakewood instead of heading east the highway would turn northeast generally following US-395 to Burns then turn east following US-20 toward Ontario and ending near Caldwell, ID at I-84 (alignment not depicted on map).
Interstate 501 - California/Oregon
Description This interstate would replace existing US-199 from Crescent City to Grants Pass.
Purpose and Need Continuity with the existing interstate system. and a logical connection to I-5