The Phoenix Metro region would see a number of interstate improvements. The map below shows these various improvements. Solid Blue Lines indicate primary options for ultimate interstate corridors. Dotted blue lines indicate optional alignments and corridors. Thick red lined indicate existing interstate routes. thin red lines are existing freeways and loops. dotted red lines are potential and planned metro freeways.

Ultimate Interstate 111
Description Ultimate interstate 111 replaces the planned freeway upgrade for AZ-74 northwest of Phoenix. This freeway would run from south of Wickenburg (planned Hassayampa Freeway) and Lake Pleasant at I-17.
Purpose and Need Connects ultimate intestate 11 route to the norhtside of Phoenix.
Ultimate Interstate 211 - Casa Grande Freeway
Description Ultimate interstate 211 is a planned repurposing of the planned southeastern section of the Hassayampa Freeway. this section would be renumbered as I-211 and I-11 would instead be routed southward along the Gila River wash to Gila Bend and connect directly with I-8 (see map balow). This also facilitates further southward expansion of I-11 southward to the desert regions for additional port of entry crossings than the routing to the southeast at Casa Grande would. This also provides a more simplified bypass for Phoenix using I-8 to I-11 returning to I-10 near Buckeye.
Purpose and Need Simplify interstate planning for central Arizona. Promote continuity with the greater interstate system.