The El Paso and Rio Granve valley region would see a number of interstate improvements. The map below shows these various improvements. Solid Blue Lines indicate primary options for ultimate interstate corridors. Dotted blue lines indicate optional alignments and corridors. Thick red lined indicate existing interstate routes. thin red lines are existing freeways and loops. dotted red lines are potential and planned metro freeways.

Ultimate Interstate 210 - El Paso North Bypass
Description Ultimate interstate 210 would replace the northern part of Texas State Loop 375 from east El Paso over the Franklin mountains.
Purpose and Need Provides a freeway bypass around El Paso. Also serves Fort Bliss and north El Paso. Provides continuity with the interstate system. Connects to the planned ultimate interstate 44 extension.
Ultimate Interstate 244 - Liberty Expressway
Description Ultimate interstate 244 is an alternate route that spurs off from ultimate interstate 44 in El Paso traveling along the Liberty Expressway This route subsumes the current Texas Loop 601 freeway that heads east to ultimate interstate 210 (Loop 375). See map for closeup detail of this route.
Purpose and Need Serves Ft Bliss and provides continuity with the interstate system.
Ultimate Interstate 444 - Las Cruces Connector (to I-10 Westbound)
Description Ultimate interstate 444 is an alternate route that would connect traffic to or from ultimate interstate 44 to Las Cruces and traffic travelling to or from I-10 west. This would allow traffic to bypass El Paso completely providing a more direct connection to I-10. This route travels along US-70 from Alamogordo to Las Cruces. The connection to I-10 would be made by travelling south on I-25 to I-10 and using these connector ramps rather than building a freeway across Las Cruces, as urbanzation prevents the continuation of the route through the city.
Purpose and Need Provides a direct connection to I-10 for I-44 which will be routed directly to El Paso. This allows traffic to bypass the congested El Paso metro area completely.