The Southwest Idaho and Boise Metro region would see a number of interstate improvements. The map below shows these various improvements. Solid Blue Lines indicate primary options for ultimate interstate corridors. Dotted blue lines indicate optional alignments and corridors. Thick red lined indicate existing interstate routes.

Ultimate Interstate 284 - Treasure Valley bypass
Description Ultimate interstate 284 would construct a new bypass near Kuna-Mora Road that would Travel from I-84 near Blacks Creek southeast of Boise to near Marsing, Idaho. This section could also be signed as I-82 or another interstate if a southern Oregon interstate corridor were to be built. From near Marsing the highway would curve northward connecting with the main preferred alignment of ultimate interstate 11 where it would run cosigned with I-284 until it reaches I-84 northwest of Caldwell.
Purpose and Need Provides a freeway bypass and truck route around Boise's congested metro freeways. Provides access to future interstate links to California and Nevada (via I-11).
Ultimate Interstate 484 - South McDermott connector
Description Ultimate interstate 484 is connector route that connects traffic from I-284 (Treasure Valley Bypass) and I-11 to Boise and I-84 between Nampa and Meridian. This route would instead be signed as ultimate interstate 11 should the alternate routing through Emmett and Indian Valley be chosen. This highway could also be continued north as a spur to Emmett and signed as I-384 if needed. See Boise map for close up detail on this route.
Purpose and Need Links I-284 and I-11 traffic to Boise.