Louisiana State shields are similar to other states that use the state shape as the route marker, such as Ohio, Missouri, and Texas (FM roads). Louisiana route numbers range up to 4 digits, but some route number have dashes with up to 5 digits (example: 1234-1). The number size on trailblazer markers is fairly consistent regardless ofth e number of digits on the sign. On Guide signs smaller numbers can use larger numbers, and sometimes the state shape is modified to allow for larger numbers.

Information on Wikipedia indicates that the green markers are being phased out on state highways in favor of a black and white shield. Also there seem to be two versions of route markers on guide signs. Older signs use an outline, while newer use a white cutout with black letters as shown below.


Current Markers (phasing in)
Trailblazer Guide Sign
Previous Markers (phasing out)
New Concept Markers Design #1
Trailblazer & Guide Sign
New Concept Markers Design #2
Trailblazer & Guide Sign

The new concept shield designs fit on a standard 24 by 30 sign blank and are longer than most route signs. The iconic Louisiana script is added to both shields as is the fleur-de-lis, which is now an official state symbol. Design 1 incorporates the state shape at the top with the state name to the right, while design 2 incorporates 3 fleur-de-lis to the top part of the shield and the state name is moved to the field of the sign aboue the number.

Both of the new concept shield designs incorporate the official state colors and also have a french feel to them to pay homage to Louisiana's french, and acadian (cajun) heritage. Also all hyphenated (dashed) route numbers would be eliminated and redesignated or decommissioned.