Massachusetts plain sqaure markers are just plain unimaginative. While they get the job done, the route numbers do little to identify themselves as Massachusetts highways. I happened to find these concept shields online while browsing the International Highway Makeover site. These marksers, created by Ed Miessner, seemed to be the best looking option for markers in the state, so I have posted my rendition of them here. In describing the signs, Ed comments, "Like CCS, I thought I'd try my hand at Massachusetts signs since I grew up there! [The signs] are modeled after the old cut-corners trailblazer guide signs that were on Bay State roads until the 70s." (Source: International Highway Makeover).


Current Markers
Trailblazer Guide Sign
New Conceptual Markers
Trailblazer Guide Sign
Historic or Scenic Routes

The new concept shield designs fit on a standard 24" X 30" sign blank Accomdating 1 to 3 digits. a smaller type C font is needed for 4 digit route numbers (such as 123A). And there is no smaller shield for single and 2 digit numbers. The Cranberry and MUTCD brown signs can be used for special highways such as scenic corridors, historic highways or other special uses. More than likely brown could be used for historic and scenic routes and the cranberry shield could be used for regionally significant routes like the Cranberry highway.