Clear Path 465/69

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Widen I-465 and I-69 in northeast Indianapolis by adding travel lanes and reconstructing interchanges and overpasses. this includes the reconstruction and reconfiguration of the I-465/I-69 interchange, the 82nd Street interchange, widening of I-69 and addition of separate weaving lanes. widening of I-465 approaching I-69 in both directions. Originally this project was planned to be built and completed by 2017, but some of the project was deferred and other improvements were made within the median of I-465 as a temporary fix. The Current iteration of the project is called "Clear Path 465" and there are three alternatives to address connections to I-69 and 82nd St. The best design alternative is Alternative C with alternative B coming up second. This project is definitely needed as this corridor is still a source for considerable congestion and the closely spaced interchanges are a danger to drivers. Clear Path Project Alternatives Map (INDOT)