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Indiana has several projects on the drawing board to help meet transportation needs for the next 25 years. Many of the projects have been started already, and Indiana's aggressive approach to building roads put through a series of major projects to make key improvements to Indiana's road network. This effort was known as Major Moves. While this fixed many issues regarding freeways and state roads, it did not address the plethora of problems with local and county road systems. More on this in the Indiana Road Report.

Major Moves

Major Moves was a road building initiative started by Governor Mitch Daniels and Indiana's legislators that helped rebuild many of indianas aging main routes and pave the way for several key corrridor projects including the Fort to Port, Hoosier Heartland and the still to be completed I-69 extension. Major Moves 2020 is an extension of that program that seeks to expand upon that program and continue making upgrades to major highways in the major metro areas such as: Indy, Northwest Indiana, Fort Wayne, and around the state.

What paid for Major Moves, Indiana used the Lease of it's Toll Road to a private consortium to fund these needed improvements. and Eventually the construction of new toll roads will also be privatized as well to help raise the capital needed to fund additional road construction.

Additionally many projects still need to be completed such as statewide widening of several highways such as: I-65, I-70, I-80/90 (Indiana Toll Road) I-94 and I-69. It also included major improvements to highways all over the state. The key is how is the state going to pay for it. That creates some key funding challenges when road upkeep and infrastructure improvements are not built into the state's transportation budget. The Idea is being bandied about of raising the per gallon tax on gasoline (which was already recently increased) an additional ten cents ($0.10) per gallon and the coup de gras is that the state wants to place electronic tolling on virtually every “freeway” in the state, meaning there would be almost no freeways left in the state. More on this on the Indiana Tolling page


Interstate 65 Corridor

Lafayette Widening

This project will widen the Freeway from SR 38 to the Wabash River bridge from 4 to 6 lanes. The project is currently under construction and is expected to be completed in 2018.

Northwest Indiana Widening

This will widen the freeway from just south of SR-2 to the US 30 junction from 4 to 6 lanes. The project is currently under construction and is expected to be completed in 2018.

Interstate 69 Corridor

Martinsville to Indianapolis

Will Construct a new 4 lane freeway/expressway within the existing State Road 37 alignment. A new system interchange will be constructed just west of the current SR-37/Harding Street interchange on I-465 in order to connect the new interstate to the existing freeway. Some new right of way will be required and some new frontage roads and access roads will be constructed inconjunction with the project. This project is in the planning/bidding and final engineering phase. Expect the segments near indianapolis including the new system interchange at I-465 to be completed last. Construction timeframes are not known at this time but construction is expected to begin in 2020. More Information

Bloomington to Martinsville

Will reconstruct the existing expressway into full interstate freeway compliant standards from Bloomington to Martinsville including the modernizing of existing interchanges, addition of new interchanges and grade separation of all interchanges along the route. Construction begain in 2014 and is expected to be substantially complete in August 2018. more information

Ohio River Crossing

Will Construct new 4 lane toll bridge across the Ohio river from Evansville to Henderson KY - Possible KTC project. This project is being studied as 3 posible alternatives. Option 1 would replace the existing structure with a new 6-lane bridge located immediately to the west of the existing structure. The existing structure would be taken out of use. Option 2 also builds a new 4 lane bridge just to the west of the new structure. One span of the existing structure would remain open for maintaining one lane in each direction for local traffic. Option 3 a new structure located on a new alignment located to the east. As in option 2 one span of the existing structure would remain open for maintaining one lane in each direction for local traffic. More Information

US 31 Corridor

Marshall County J-Turns

US 31 J-Turns intersections to be added at SR-10/Dewey St and SR-110 in Marshall county.

Long Term

Upgrade US 31 to full interstate freeway standards and construct bypasses around major cities (i.e. Kokomo). Construction to be completed in stages. Completed Hamilton County, Komomo Bypass, South Bend Bypass. full grade separation and upgrade to freeway of remaining section north and south of Kokomo

US24 J-Turns

US 24 J-Turns in Cass County ... US 24 at Logansport Road ... US 24 at CR 600 East

Illiana Expressway

Construct Toll Road from I-65 to I-57 south of the Chicago Metro Area Project Status: Abandoned/Deferred - Construct the toll road as a possible ultimate bypass and relocation for I-80 south of Chicago