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This page details improvements that are needed within across the state. Listed belos are projects recommended by Indyroads to improve transportation around the state. Priority projects that need attention are:

County Highway System

Create a statewide signed county highway system to designate important county roads and maintain minimum LOS (level of service) and safety standards on these roads.

Interstate 67

Such as an interstate upgrade of US-31 North of Indy to provide another interstate highway connection northern Indiana (possible future Interstate 67).

Visions for Indiana

These projects are vital to the transportation infrastructure in the Hoosier state. Indiana is still seeing many areas of expanding growth throughout the state, and these projects are needed to ensure that Indiana does not experience gridlock.

Other projects that need priority attention are:

  • Upgrading the Keystone Ave/Rural Corridor to add extra lanes and urban parkway
  • Widen Washington Street to 6 lanes inside I-465 loop. synchronize Signals, add median
  • Widening US 36 Rockville Road to 6 lane urban expressway, with Medians and turn restrictions
  • Upgrading the I-465 interchange with Allisonville Road into a SPUI
  • Upgrade East 38th Street Add medians, restrict some left turn movements. Widen to 6 lanes