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This page will contain information regarding projects in the Indianapolis Metro Area

This includes the cities of Indianapolis, Greenwood, and Carmel IN.

Current Projects

65/70 North Split Reconstruction

Reconstruct and reconfigure the north split interchange to rehabilitate an old interchange design that was originally designed for a northern freeway addition that would have connected to Binford Blvd. That freeway was cancelled leaving several stup ramps and a wonky interchange design. INDOT now wants to reconstruct the interchange since the bridges are aging and in need of replacement. They are in the study and design phase of this project. INDOT North Split Website

Clear Path 465/69

Widen I-465 and I-69 in northeast Indianapolis by adding travel lanes and reconstructing interchanges and overpasses.

I-65 Southside Widening

INDOT has earmarked funds to widen I-65 from from 0.20 mile N of I-465 to 0.05 mile N of I-70 to add an additional lane in each direction to I-65 south of downtown Indy. This capacity improvement project will expand the number of lanes from 3 to 4 in each direction. Construction is slated to begin in 2020.

I-69 Widening

This project widened I-69 from 2 to 3 lanes in each direction from SR-37 to just east of SR-13 in Noblesville to west of Madison and reconstructed the Campus Parkway interchange into a Crossover Diamond Interchange (also known as a Diverging Diamond Interchange or DDI). This project is a huge improvement for safety along the corridor. One can hope that the state will continue the widening project further eastward to Muncie.

I-65/SR267 Interchange Modification

This project will reconstruct and modernize the SR-267 Interchange on I-65 in Whitestown. This interchange is currently poorly constructed and has a bad ramp layout which leads to traffic being misdirected. Plans for this proect have not been released and the project is expected to begin construction in 2020 per the current STIP. It is currently in the planning and environmental phase.

US-31 Freeway Upgrade

Largely complete within the metro yet experiencing some major growing pains. Especially with the Northside 31 Interchange. Aside from that the project has significantly improved traffic along the corridor and helped improved safety greatly. Plans continue to complete the upgrade of the corridor to full freeway status from SR-38 to the newly completed Kokomo Bypass

Ronald Reagan Parkway

A new arterial parkway from I-70 (Six Points IC) to I-65 (SR-267 IC) that has been under construction for more than a decade- Currently several sections of the Ronald Reagan parkway have been constructed. The parkway once completed could extend from the Six Points Interchange @ I-70 in Hendricks county to the IN-267 @ I-65 Interchange in Boone county. At its ultimate buildout this corridor will be constructed as a 4 lane urban parkway along the west side of the greater Indianapolis metro area.

  • Sections 1-2 - Six Points Interchange to US-36 (Rockville Road) - Median divided 4 lane major arterial from I-70 to US-36 - These sections are complete
  • Section 3 - US-36 (Rockville Road) to CR 300 North - This section is complete. Currently constructed as a 2 lane arterial, but has enough right of way preserved to be widened to 4-6 lanes if necessary.
  • Section 4 - CR 300 North to Just North of US-136 - This section of the parkway is currently planned as a rural limited access roadway. Currently it is assumed that the roadway will be 2 lanes with room to expand to 4 lanes at a future time. Construction of a new overpass at US-136 is also part of this project. This project is proposed only, currently there are no active plans in place to begin construction or timeline to completion
  • Section 5 - Just North of US-136 to 56th Street (CR 600N) - This was the most recently completed section of the parkway which was completed in 2009 in anticipation of completion of section 4. This section and the new interchange at I-74 provides an additional connection to Brownsburg. Currently this only serves as a connector road for US-136 and 56th Street.
  • Section 6 - This final section of the Ronald Reagan Parkway was not in the original plans. Once complete it will link I-74 to I-65 near the IN-267 interchange. This is being talked about as a conceptual project but has never been officially adopted into the Boone County thoroughfare plan. There are some that think it is a possibility but there is some uncertainty as to whether this section will become a reality.

Whitestown Parkway Roundabout

Construction of a new roundabout intersection at Whitestown Parkway (Old SR-334) and Indianapolis Road (Old US-52) to replace an existing 4-way stop. The intersection geometry at this intersection leads to many intersection mishaps, near misses and crashes. The roundabout would avoid the need to place a signal at this location and be a better way to manage traffic at this location. This project should begin construction in 2018.

Strawtown and 37 Roundabout

Will construct new roundabout at the intersection of State Road 37 and Strawtown Ave. This intersection is heavily travelled and is in need of a better traffic management solution to avoid backups than a traffic signal can handle. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2018.

Keystone Parkway/96th Interchange

This project will construct a new grade separated roundabout interchange at 96th Street and Keystone Parkway. This project is being constructed and funded entirely by the City of Carmel. This project will be under construction from 2018 t0 2021.

Indy Roundabouts

  • 5 Points Road & Edgewood Rd - 2019
  • Bridgeport Rd & & Morris Rd - 2018
  • Arlington Ave & Shelbyville Rd - 2019
  • Arlington Ave & Edgewood Rd - 2019
  • Sherman Ave & Thompson Rd - 2019
  • 5 Points Road & Stoop 11 Rd - 2019
  • Franklin Road & Edgewood Rd - 2019
  • Arlington Ave & Big Four Rd - 2020
  • 113th and Florida Ave - 2018
  • 131st and Cumberland Rd - 2018
  • 96th and Priority Way - 2018
  • 136th and Cyntheanne Rd - 2018
  • 186th and Spring Mill Rd - 2018
  • 19th and Pleasant Ave - 2018
  • 186th and Cumberland Rd - 2018
  • Greenfield Ave and Howe Rd - 2019
  • Pennsylvania St and Carmel Dr - 2020

Lowes Way Connector

This project will construct a new overpass over Keystone Parkway and new southbound onbound connecting ramp to Keystone Parkway. This project will also construct a overpass over Cool Creek and an extension to Rangeline Road. The project is going to be completed in two phases with the Overpass and ramps beginning construction in 2018 and the Extension to Rangeline Road beginning construction in 2021.

146th Street Widening

This project will continue the widening of 146th Street west of Towne Road to the Boone County line. The first segment will be constructed in 2019 from Towne Road to Shelbourne Rd. The second segment will begin construction in 2020 from Shelbourne Road to 1000 feet east of the Boone County line.

37 Hamilton Parkway

Will reconstruct the existing at grade expressway into a grade separated parkway expressway with interchanges. Construction funding is slated for fiscal year 2019 and 2020 which means construction could begin as soon as 2020 but with a project of this magnitude it could be up to 10 phases of construction and several years to complete. Below is a list of the proposed improvements:

  • Upgrade SR-37 from a surface expressway to a 4 lane parkway with controlled access interchanges landscaping and parkway features.
  • 126th Street - teardrop roundabout interchange and diagonal on/off ramps
  • 131st Street - teardrop roundabout interchange and diagonal on/off ramps/collector Road
  • 135th Street - teardrop roundabout interchange and diagonal on/off ramps/collector Road
  • 141st Street - teardrop roundabout interchange and diagonal on/off ramps
  • 146th Street (Campus Parkway) - teardrop roundabout interchange and diagonal on/off ramps
  • Greenfield Avenue - teardrop roundabout interchange and diagonal on/off ramps
  • Town and Country Blvd - teardrop roundabout interchange and diagonal on/off ramps
  • Pleasant Street - teardrop roundabout interchange and diagonal on/off ramps
  • Cherry Street - Right turn only with stop sign to IN-37 south ramp
  • Connor Street (SR-32) - teardrop roundabout interchange and diagonal on/off ramps

Allisonville and 146th Interchange

Construct a grade separated interchange with teardrop roundabout with through traffic on 146th Street passing over Allisonville Road . This project is in the scope and design phase and construction dates are to be determined.