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This page details recommended improvements for Central Indiana roadways (Visions) that are needed within the 9-county region that comprises the greater Indianapolis area. Below is a list of projects recommended by Indyroads to improve transportation in the area. Priority projects that need attention are:

This includes the cities of Indianapolis, Greenwood, and Carmel IN.

Current Visions

465-865 Pathways to Progress Northwest

This project would upgrade I 465 from 1/2 mile north of 86th street in Traders Point to US-31 near Carmel, and upgrade I-865. The recommended improvements for the corridor are:

  • Additional thru lanes in each direction
  • Additional auxiliary lane in each direction
  • Reconstructing the overpass at Ditch Road
  • Construct an interchange at Township Line Road
  • Reconstructing the Michigan Road interchange into a Diverging diamond interchange
  • Reconstructing and reconfiguring the I-865 interchange and adding truck bypass lanes
  • Adding one additional travel lane to I-865 in each direction
  • Construct an interchange along I-865.
  • Reconstruct the eastbound exit approach to US-31

I 269 Outer Tollway

This project would be an outer beltway for indianapolis that would encircle the greater metropolitan area. This beltway would connect the cities of Danville, Avon, Plainfield, Lebanon, Westfield, Noblesville, Pendleton, Greenfield, Shelbyville, Franklin, Martinsville. More info on the Ultimate Interstates Page

Keystone Gateway Corridor

This project will convert the Keystone Ave/Rural Corridor inside the I-465 loop to a 6-lane urban parkway with limited access and landscaped medians. While controversial due to the fact that it would go through established neighborhoods in the central near east side of Indianapolis there are heavily blighted areas in the project corridor. The idea for the corridor is to increase access to encourage economic activity and thereby improve the standard of living in the communities affected. This project could only be possible with land grants and assistance programs in place to allow people to be moved into new locations and allow blighted abandoned homes along the corridor to be removed. The concept would need to include pocket parks, commercial development, affordable housing, industrial uses and multi-modal transportation uses (bus-rapid transit) to make it effective as a good inner-city study project. Keystone Gateway Corridor could become the crown jewel of Indianapolis with the right vision and leadership. If the right mayor and or the chamber of commerce leadership could take on a project like this it could be transformative for the city.

Corridors in Motion 32

This project would convert SR-32 from Crawfordsville to Noblesville to a 4 to 6-lane urban expressway or freeway with grade separated limited access interchanged along the freeway section and signalized at grade intersections along the expressway sections. This would include landscaped medians in the urban sections of the highway. this would include the removal of two-way turn lanes and the prohibition of left turns into driveways along the corridor.

Corridors in Motion 231

US-36 Rockville Parkway

This project would convert US-36 from Danville to Indianapolis at I-465 west to a 6-lane urban express parkway with grade separated limited access intersections including landscaped medians. this would include the removal of two-way turn lanes and the prohibition of left turns along the corridor. This project would be similar to the successful Keystone Parkway project Carmel which has reduced congestion significantly in the area. Intersections would also be converted to double teardrop roundabout intersections to facilitate keeping traffic moving.

US-136 Route Relinquishment

US-136 has largely been replaced by I-74 along its entire length within the state of Indiana. Traffic on this stretch of road is fairly low and the route is no longer has regional importance to be maintained as a US highway and should be truncated at US-41 east of Veedersburg.

IN-267 Route Relinquishment

With a potentially planned northward extension of the Ronald Reagan Pkwy northward into Boone County the need for IN-267 between I-74 and I-65 in Hendricks and Boone counties has reduced dramatically and it is no longer necessary to remain a state route. This route should be relinquished to the various city and county jurisdictions.

Washington Street Intelligent Transportation Corridor

This project would include the widening of washington street to 6 lanes each direction and operational improvements to the corridor including the use of ITS traffic signal coordination in order to control signals based on traffic patterns. Traffic sensor data would be monitored by the ITS system and be used to control signals along the corridor to mitigate traffic along the corridor. If successful then this could be used on other corridors such as 86th street.

Maple Road Parkway

This project would upgrade the eastern and western sections of 38th Street, add medians with landscaping in line with the improvements on the central section that was upgraded several years ago, restrict some left turn movements. Widen the corridor to 6 lanes and potentially rename the corridor in honor of its original name "Maple Road"