Keystone Gateway Corridor

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This project will convert the Keystone Ave/Rural Corridor inside the I-465 loop to a 6-lane urban parkway with limited access and landscaped medians. While controversial due to the fact that it would go through established neighborhoods in the central near east side of Indianapolis there are heavily blighted areas in the project corridor. The idea for the corridor is to increase access to encourage economic activity and thereby improve the standard of living in the communities affected. This project could only be possible with land grants and assistance programs in place to allow people to be moved into new locations and allow blighted abandoned homes along the corridor to be removed. The concept would need to include pocket parks, commercial development, affordable housing, industrial uses and multi-modal transportation uses (bus-rapid transit) to make it effective as a good inner-city study project. Keystone Gateway Corridor could become the crown jewel of Indianapolis with the right vision and leadership. If the right mayor and or the chamber of commerce leadership could take on a project like this it could be transformative for the city.