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Idaho-Montana-Wyoming Map
Southwestern Idaho Map
Helena/Butte Regional Map
Southeastern Wyoming Regional Map
Cheyenne Map

Southeast Wyoming would see a number of interstate improvements. The map below shows these various improvements. Solid Blue Lines indicate new free. Dotted lines show additional Proposed routes or alternative routes. Red lines show existing Interstate highways.

Corridor 11

Originating from Gila Bend, Arizona I-11 travels north into Nevada crossing the new Colorado River Bridge near the Hoover Dam. This interstate would replace existing US-93 and I-515 south of Las Vegas. North of Las Vegas the route will generally follow US-95 northward throughout the state north through Fallon. I-11 would be cosigned with I-80 from Fallon Junction to Winnemucca before continuing north along US-95 into Oregon. Eventually the route continues north toward Boise and Lewiston eventually ending in Spokane.

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Boise Metro

The Boise metro region is growing significantly and highways are becoming more congested in the region. the need for a possible bypass of the metro area is becoming more of a reality. A new interstate bypass around the southern side of the treasure valley could help provide relief by moving through traffic around the more congested areas in the treasure valley. Namely Boise, Meridian, Nampa and Caldwell where most of the regional congestion exists. An additional cross connector freeway (I-484 or I-11 depending on routing) could be used to connect the bypass to the planned SH-16 freeway near the Canyon-Ada county lines.

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Corridor 290

This conceptual interstate would build a new Interstate corridor along the US-12 routing from I-90 near Missoula to Helena and then southeast to I-90 west of Bozeman thus providing better interregional connections for travelers to and from Canada and the Butte region.

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Two new interstates would be planned for the region. I-280 to link from Rawlins to Casper, and I-425 as a potential outer belt loop around the east side of Cheyenne. This would also relinquish the I-180 route in Cheyenne which is not built to interstate standards.

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