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Crawfordsville Indiana is a historic small city located in west central Indiana. An area that suffers from substandard maintenance to its roadways due to lack of street and highway funds necessary to repair sidewalks, widen arteries, replace pavements, and even construct new roads. However Crawfordsville, is a center for industrial and regional jobs and is located withing commuting distance from larger cities like Indianapolis, Danville and Champaigh/Urbana. Crawfordsville has and plenty of developable land within the city limits and the 2 mile development zojne surrounding the3 city and due to its being located along the Interstate 74 corridor, the potential for industrial and commercial growth is very high as companies consider relocating to the community due to decreased zoning regulations and low labor and facility costs that are prevalent here. It is anticipated that new businesses and residences will eventually come to our city as the city inmplements development plans and a planning strategy to facilitate that growth. It is important at this vital stage to look at ways to address the traffic needs for a burgeoning city especially since there are many subtandard roadways such as narrow streets and county roads handling more intense traffic demand then they were designed to handle. It is clear that Crawfordsville needs a master plan for roadways that will need to be constructed in order to efficiently move traffic in, around and through the city, while addressing the inefficiencies of the existing roadway network. Clearly this is just a starting point and there is much work to do, but it is clearly needed.

Downtown Improvements and Highway Relinquishments

Key objectives

  • Decommission US 136 east of US 231 and relinquish the route through downtown.
  • Reroute SR-32 and SR-47 onto a new bypass alignment and relinquish these routes through downtown.
  • Designate these major arterials as local truck routes and upgrade the facilities to higher design standards
    • Mill Street
    • Wabash Street
    • Englewood Dr
  • Improve Streetscapes on downtown grid including:
    • Main Street
    • Water Street
    • Pike Street
    • Wabash Street
    • Market Street
  • Grade separate railway crossings:
    • Main Street
    • Market Street
  • Remove railway spur along Franklin Street and Wabash campus to make way for new rail trail construction.

300 South Major Arterial

SR-47 Interchange

Construct a new interchange at SR 47 and I-74


Consider roundabouts at key city intersections where traffic bottlenecks or to remove traffic signals to improve traffic flow. Key intersections to consider

  • South Blvd & Ladoga Rd
  • Mill Street & Elmore St
  • Mill Street & Chestnut St
  • Mill Street & College St
  • Wabash Ave/Englewood Dr & Indianapolis Rd/Main St
  • Market St & Darlington Ave
  • Englewood Dr & Lebanon Rd
  • Grant Ave & Wabash Ave
  • Grant Ave & Jennison St

City Roadway Design Standard Improvements

Rail Trail