Plain sqaure and circle markers are just plain unimaginative, and the state shield on the official seal too closely resembles the US route marker, So I propose using a new shield. This shield is reminicent of the New York shield. but has its own disticntiveness. And it can be widely used for state highways and tollways alike. This instantly recognizable shield would also promote route continuity throughout the state, similar to the new markers in South Carolina and Oklahoma, as well as the iconic California miners spade shield.


Current Markers
Trailblazer Guide Sign
New Conceptual Markers
Trailblazer Guide Sign
Specialty Markers
Tollways and Parkways

The new concept shield designs fit on a standard 24" X 24" sign blank or a 24" X 30" sign blank for 3 digit shields. The letters NJ are added to the top of the shield. Numbering is in New Jersey Blue (from the state flag). Cutout shields for guide signs also feature the blue lettering with NJ at the top.

The specialty roadway markers incorporate the official state colors and a horizontal bar is added to the center of the shield for the word Parkway, Turnpike, or Expressway. The sign background for these special markers is buff with blue lettering. The horizontal bar is blue with buff lettering. Green lettering is used on the Garden State Parkway marker. Cutout versions would be used on guide signs, much like the standard markers shown above.