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Trailblazer Guide Sign
New Concept Markers
Trailblazer Guide Sign

New Mexico State shields are very simple design similar to many states bearing the circle design. The main difference is that the state adds a modified Zia sun symbol to their marker. State shields carry anywhere from 1 to 4 digits. The number size is made smaller to fit the sign. On the green guide signs, a standard oval or round circle with a white background is used, with just numbers in the center, as seen in many states with the round highway shield.

The new concept shield changes the sign to fit on a standard square sign blank (or rectangular for 3-4 digit shields). The new Sign adds the Iconic Zia sun symbol to the top of the sign and bears the same colors as the state flag. The signs new shape is reminiscent of Adobe and New Mexican Architecture. All in all the new route marker would be a highly recognizable fixture on New Mexico's highways, as well as better association from freeway guide signs. The new sign would also better accommodate the route numbers, with a two digit variant, and a three/four digit variant.