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Basic Information:
Project Priority HIGH
Project Area:
SR-912 from Calumet Ave and Riley Ave
Status Condemned/Partially Closed
Begin Construction TBD
Estimated Project Completion TBD


The steel bridge portion of the freeway has suffered catastrophic damage and is structurallu unsound due to weakening from corrosion to the main steel framework of the bridge. In late 2009 both directions of the Cline Ave freeway were closed over the bridge. Only this late Nov. 2011 were the westbound lanes of the structure reopened. Most likely that was done to alleviate congestion on the nearby Toll Road. Even though average daily traffic counts are significantly lower then they were in this freeways heyday. it still is a regionally significant route and its loss whether it is a downgrade to surface streets in the area affected or complete decommisioning of the route would have a significant impact.

Plans originally were to scrap the bridges completely and make significant improvements to surface streets along the route to accomodate traffic through the steel mill area. But INDOT facing potential millions in environmental sutidies and mitigation is now rethinking this. Nothing like some red tape to stand in the way of progress (thanks EPA act). INDOT is now reconsidering rebuilding the structure which could cost $150 million. (Sources: INDOT; NWI TIMES)


This frewway needs to be rebuilt to current interstate standards. This freeway if upgraded can serve as a major connection point for the major Chicago and NWI freeway system. With an upgrade to south Cline Ave travel times could be improved.

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Updated 01/10/2011