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The purpose of this project is to construct a new toll expressway linking I-65 in Indiana to I-57 and I-55 in Illinios. This new toll road would be built south of Crown Point and greater Chicagoland, linking these three highways. In addition the highway could be extended. Indiana studied extending the highway looping east and to the north to connect to I-80/90 and I-94 near Michigan City. The Map Above shows the initial study of the roadway, but does not show the proposal linking it to I-55 further to the west.


ANyone who hs tried to travel around Chigago or between Indiana and Illinois knows that the freeways are frequently backed up and congested. Traveling through Chicago during commute periods is an almost futile effort. This highway does somewhat address this issue. East west traffic would be able to use the new toll road to bypass Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana traffic and connect to the various interstates without having to enter the massive metro area. In addition links to the west and north need to bee added to provide better access to Wisconsin cities. Maybe there should be a Illinios-Wisconsin Expressway too.


Current project details are few, but the current plans are to construct a 4 lane tolled expressway between I65 in Indiana south of Crown Point to I-55. Routes alternatives for this project are currently not known, Governors hinted that the project could be shovel ready within 2 years and would be payed for using private funds (Source: ABC-7 Chicago; Wikipedia)

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Updated 01/04/2011