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The purpose of this project is to preserve right of way and eventually construct a new 4-lane highway from state route 99 to state route 65 north of Sacramento. The routes being studied begin at SR-65 between Sunset Blvd and Twelve Bridges Dr and curve their way westward to state route 99 near Sankey or Riego Roads. The roadway will be constructed as a new expressway. will full access control.


Basic Information:
Project Length Approx. 15 Miles
Project Area SR 99 between Riego and Sankey Roads to SR-65 at planned Whitney Ranch Pkwy
Est. Cost TBD
Status Corridor Preservation study and EIS

The schedule is as follows:
Begin Construction TBD
Estimated Completion TBD


Congestion along Base Line is reaching its boiling point. Base Line Road and Riego Road is a rural roadway traversing east to west to the north from Roseville to SR-99 near Riego. This roadway has several stop signs, and is not built to handle the large amounts of traffic volumes that use it, especially during peak periods. Building the parkway would provide a much better high speed route for traffic and relieve congestion on this overused roadway.


The routes being studied start between Sunset Blvd and Twelve Bridges Dr on state route 65 and curve their way westward to state route 99. The route is expected to be constructed as a new 4 to 6 lane freeway, with limited access. This roadway would be built within a 500 foot right-of way (ROW) in the urban sections on the east and west end and a 1000ft ROW on the center section passing through the rural agricultural land. Also, a the median would be extra wide up to 134 feet wide, and extra open space would be provided on either side of the roadway. There are no interchanges planned between Pleasant Grove and Fiddyment Roads.

The new Placer Parkway can provide an area for new growth. 10700 acres of land was reported to have been considered for developement in the area east of Fiddyment Rd and North of Base Line Rd. However, environmental issues have been raised about the Placer Parkway project. It does not sit well with some environmentalist groups in the area, such as, The Sierra Club and E.C.O.S. They claim to be concerned about urban sprawl along the parkway, such as the planned developments in west Roseville and the south Sutter industrial developement.

To address this, plans call for open space and not allowing interchanges between Fiddyment Road and the Pleasant Grove Rd. One exception would be an interchange at a future extension of Watt Ave. The total number of interchanges depends upon the chosen routing.


The Placer Parkway will be a key component in the addressing some of the major congestion problems throughout the region especially along the I-80 corridor. The most Preferred Routes shown in the picture above are the Orange and Yellow Alternaives these provide the most direct route from 99-65 and have no sharp turns along the parkway. Since the parkway would not have any interchanges in the middle section. higher speeds can be maintained and traffic flow would be less impeded. Eventually the parkway could be extended westward to provide a connection to I-5 and SR-113 and Woodland providing additional connections for interstate and intrastate travelers.

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Updated 06/18/2008