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The purpose of this project is to remove congestion from downtown Lincoln by building a new freeway bypass to the west of lincoln north to Sheridan.


Basic Information:
Project Length approx 11.7 miles
Project Area SR-65 to the west of Lincoln and Sheridan from South of Industrial Ave to North of Riosa Rd
Est. Cost TBD
Status Construction Phase 1

The schedule is as follows:
Begin Construction winter 2009
Estimated Completion winter 2013


Since the community of Lincoln has experience rapid growth many drivers have noticed increased congestion along Hwy 65 through downtown. The highway is a 2 lane street through downtown currently and is not capable of handling both local traffic demand as well as inter-regional traffic. This freeway needs to be constructed to alleviate this congestion.


The first phase of the freeway project will be to construct a 4-lane expressway from Industrial Ave to Nelson Ln and a 2-lane expressway from Nelson ln to north of Riosa Rd near Sheridan, where the highway rejoins the existing alignment. In the second phase 2 additional lanes will be added north of Nelson Ln and freeway interchanges will be constructed. Currently interchanges are beng built at Industrial Ave/South G Street and Ferrari Ranch Road. Signalized intersections will be located at Nelson Lane, Wise Road and Riolo Road. (Source: CalTrans)


This project is part of an overall plan to upgrade the entire northern section of state route 65 to freeway. There is also a plan to bypass Wheatland and construct a new interchange at Sunset Blvd in Rocklin. When these projects are complete the entire segment will be freeway from I-80 to SR-70.

Additionally designing this section as freeway could pave the way for future interstate application. There is a discussion of upgrading SR-99 to interstate I-7 or I-9, If this happens the routing could be extended north onto the Capital City Freeway. from there it would join Interstate 80 to the Hwy 65 junction in Rocklin and then be extended up Hwy 65 to Marysville, Chico and beyond.

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Updated 12/29/2010