Placer Parkway
A new high speed corridor connecting SR-99 to SR-65 north of Roseville and Sacramento.

Placer Parkway

Elk Grove-El Dorado Connector
A new system of parkways and expressways to address traffic needs on the South and East sides of the sacramento area.

sacramento parkway package

I-80 Placer Corridor Improvements
Planned Improvements to I-80 from the Auburn Blvd in Roseville east to Auburn.

80 placer improvements

SR-49 North Auburn Improvements
Capacity and circulation improvements to Grass Valley Highway (SR-49) in Auburn

49 improvements

SR-65 Lincoln Bypass
A planned freeway bypass for SR-65 to the west of lincoln on a new alignment.

65 lincoln bypass

SR-65 Corridor Improvements
Improvements and widening to the SR-65 corridor and new interchanges at Sunset Blvd and I-80.

65 improvements

US-50 corridor Improvements
Capacity improvements, HOV lanes and other projects proposed for US50.

50 improvements

SR-99 Corridor Improvements

Placer Parkway

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