Former Freeway Plans
 Freeway Plan Map
 SR 16, Jackson Freeway
 SR 65, Eastside Freeway
 I 80, New Alignment
 SR 102, Greenback Corridor
 SR 102, Western Corridor
 SR 143, Carmichael to Elk Grove
 SR 148, South crosstown connector
 SR 244, Carmichael to Rancho Cordova
 SR 256, West Roseville Freeway


Below are details regarding several freeway proposals that have been talked about in the past. Some of these freeway projects while vigorously opposed would have been vital to addressing the congestion that sacramentans have become all to familiar with.

Above is a map showing those routes proposed over the years. the purple routes were proposed in the 1960's and the Gold route (SR-16) was proposed later through the 1970's. SR-102 west, is the shaded area on the map above traversing to the northeast.

Several freeways are begining to reach a critical stage, experiencing E and F level or service classifications, the lowest score for highways is F. Now it is becoming more difficult to address these needs as communities are becoming more dense, and building new expressways and freeways among them is no longer practicable.


There was a proposal to build an expressway freeway from Fwy US-50 to the current Jackson Hwy (SR-16) near Watt Ave. The proposal is bleieved to have existed through the 1970s. The existing route 16 west of Watt Ave was to have been bypassed. Also the freeway would have extended eastward from Watt Ave along the current 16 routing.

This proposal appears to have been abandoned, but enough undeveloped land exists, that the road could still be widened to a four-lane divided expressway/freeway at some point in the future.


Route 65 was at one time planned to be extended southward from Roseville to close a gap between its northern segment and its southern segment. The routing was not officially determined for the highway, but was intended to run southeast along the foothills as the Eastside Freeway. Defined in 1959, the routing appears to have been Mayhew Road and Gunn Road near of Sacramento, and later Sunrise Blvd.

This highway could eventually be extended, whether it will be as a freeway or not remains to be seen, but there have been talks over the years of extending the highway to provide better intrastate transportation.


The realignment of Interstate 80 was planned to run down the Union Pacific right of way from the "current" I-80 routing at Longview Dr to Business 80 (State Route 51) just south of the American River. This alignment would have provided a bypass for traffic around the old I-80, now business 80(51) routing. The new route was needed because the older routing was not constructed to meet interstate highway standards, and did not have enough right-of-way available to widen without significant costs.

Some of the freeway approaches and several bridges and ramps were constructed in preparation for the new freeway. However, construction of the freeway was never completed, and it now sits as a giant ramp to nowhere, now used by the Sacramento Regional Transit authority for light rail transit and parking.

The I-80 realignment was abandoned in 1979. In 1980, the I-80 routing was switched from the current Business 80 to its current routing, throuth natomas, north of sacramento. That route at the time was numbered as I-880. The routing was redesignated as I-80 in 1982, and the old I-880 number was used to remunber SR-17 Between San Jose and Oakland.


Route 102 was originally to run near or parallel to Elkhorn Blvd and Greenback Lane from the I-5/SR-99 Wye to near the intersection of Folsom-Auburn Rd in the city of Folsom. from there it was to turn northward along Auburn-Folsom Road to I-80 just southwest of Auburn. This plan was not favored, and now growth along the corridor prevents the project from being built. A later western routing of Route 102 was proposed in the mid 90's.

The route would have intersected: I-5, SR-99, I-80 (in two places), and the proposed extention of SR-65.

excerpt from California Streets and Highways Code. Div 1, Ch 2, Art 3; sec 402.
"Route 102 is from Route 5 near Elkhorn to Route 80 near Auburn."

Route 102 is currently an unplanned and unconstructed route. It is possible that if the Placer Parkway is ever built that Route 102 could be assigned to that route.


In the mid 90's a plan was being discussed to built the Route 102 alignment to the west of Interstate 80 going from Auburn and passing just southeast of Lincoln. From there it would pass to the east of Roseville and Connect with Interstate 5 at the SR-99 Flying Wye. Plans of this bypass were quickly opposed by the residents of western Placer county, who posted protest signs along rural roads near the bypass routing. The plans were abandoned.

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